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HİDROMEK’s Newest Machinery at Bauma Fair

11 NİSAN 2016
17 NİSAN 2016

HİDROMEK was at Bauma Fair, the world-wide known construction machinery fair, on 11-17 April 2016, in Munich, Germany with its brand new construction machinery.

HİDROMEK, meeting customer needs with its production groups such as backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators and motor graders, will introduce its new motor grader HMK 600 MG, new crawled excavator HMK 300 LC-4 with its engine conforming Tier 4 Final emission standards and new wheeled loader HMK 640 WL besides exhibiting its other products. Also, 1/5 scale model of “HMK Vision Compactor” which awarded by “IF Design 2016” in the “Professional Concept” category exhibited at Bauma Fair 2016. 

In 2013, HİDROMEK acquired Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ motor grader business and since then, HİDROMEK MG 330 and MG 460 motor graders have been manufactured in Tailand. At Bauma Fair, visitors were get the chance to examine Hidromek’s new motor grader HMK 600 MG.

HMK 600 MG has approximately 18 tons operating weight, 4,3 meters blade length and compatible for Stage III A (Tier III) standards with variable horse power  (187 – 214 HP) Mercedes engine. 8 forward-8 reverse electronically controlled gears, an automatic transmission which can also be controlled by a joystick enable the operator to drive and operate the machine easily. HMK 600 MG’s diesel engine, electro - hydraulic control valve, control joysticks and its automatic transmission through Can-Bus system provide high efficiency for all operations. One of the most important features of HMK 600 MG is the electronic joystick which enables to work for all functions. HMK 600 MG gives operator the opportunity to control the machine with both the joystick and the steering wheel.

New motor grader HMK 600 MG reflects HİDROMEK’s original design, and its air conditioned hexagon operator’s cap provides a wide angle for operators to see and ease of use with the help of a joystick integrated in the seat. 

LCD Screen located in the operator’s cab and a rear-view camera help the operator move the machine easily. Automatic shift and cruise control opportunities aim at extra ease of use for operators. Cooling fan which has hydraulic control and is overturned automatically is used for HMK 600 MG. The fan with these features minimizes the loss of power at low temperatures, and provides a quieter environment while providing comfort for the operator. HİDROMEK targets Turkish and other motor grader users in the world with its new HMK 600 MG motor grader. HİDROMEK plans to have HMK 600 MG available on the market in the second half of 2016.

During the Fair, HİDROMEK also introduced its new HMK 300 LC-4 crawler excavator. The new HMK 300 LC-5 has Tier 4 Final engine and Doc and Scr system. The excavator has a lighter mono-block opening hood, an air conditioning filter with extra protection against water and dust and better performance with its new air conditioning system which provides a better solution to costumer needs. HİDROMEK applied joystick console system which is integrated into the seat and can move along with the seat in this model. Also, with this model, HİDROMEK gives clues for its next generation designs. 

HİDROMEK exhibited its first articulated wheel loader HMK 640 WL at Bauma 2016 Fair. The Loader has 4 m³ loading bucket capacity with 24 tons working weight. 324 HP turbo diesel engine with 6 cylinders produced by Mercedes and its industrial adaptation made by MTU, which is the one of the group firms of Rolls Royce, is used on the machine which has an astonishing 1600 Nm max. torque value. The Loader also has TIPSHIFT (Forward-reverse direction control on front loader control lever), an adjustable operator console, an air suspension seat with heating and cooling and OPERA Control System. HMK 640 WL offers high ergonomics and comfort and also provides easy service and maintenance with mono-block opening hood and a tilting cab.      

HİDROMEK has also exhibited 1/5 scale model of the newest design “HMK Vision Compactor’’ at Bauma 2016 Fair. Designed by HİDROMEK, “HMK Vision Compactor’’ received an award from IF DESIGN 2016, one of the most prestigious design contests in the “Professional Concept Discipline’’ category. A Shape - shifting Drum and rear tires providing adaptable traction to different ground conditions, a 360 - degree rotational cabin, a seat acting independently from the cabin, and “ Ground Hardness Tester (GHT)”, which analyzes ground conditions and sets the drum and tires, are just a few examples of the innovations.

HİDROMEK exhibited its HMK 62 SS mini backhoe loader, HMK 102 B ALPHA, HMK 102 S SUPRA backhoe loader, HMK 200 W wheeled excavator, HMK 140 LC, HMK 220 NLC, HMK 300 LC-5, HMK 370 LC HD, HMK 490 LC HD crawler excavator, HMK 640 WL wheel loader ve HMK 600 MG motor grader.


HİDROMEK, with its headoffice in Ankara, Turkey, operates  its manufacturing and assembly plants located in Ankara, Izmir and Bangkok.  Being the market leader in Turkey, HİDROMEK currently exports its backhoe loaders, hydrulic excavators and motor graders to more than 50 countries on 5 continents through its distribution network of more than 100 outlets. HİDROMEK has two subsidiaries located in Spain, Russia, and Bangkok offering sales and aftersales services to its customers in European, Russian and Asian markets.  Together with its 1,700 employees, HİDROMEK’s Net Sales in 2015 reached approximately EUR€236 million. Among the first 500 industrial manufacturers in Turkey, Hidromek is listed as the 165th industrial manufacturer. HİDROMEK is  ranked as the 47th on the list of ‘Top 50 World Construction Equipment Manufacturers’ list prepared by KHL Publishing Group. HIDROMEK is the first and only Turkish company that appears on this prestigious list.

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