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Production Technology

The production technology of HİDROMEK is constantly updated in accordance with the latest developments in the industry. All components are produced in compliance with design and quality requirements. In all procedures, the compliance of material structure with the design requirements is confirmed. With the latest processing operation meticulously performed, all parts are properly prepared before assembly and get ready for the assembly line after they are completely in compliance with related project. Assembled components are controlled through abrasion tests by simulating actual running conditions. Products are tested under different working conditions, with different attachments and by different operators; after all those steps, they are ready to meet with final users.

Industrial Design

HİDROMEK Design Studio is incented by the experience and dynamism of HİDROMEK and designs innovative HİDROMEK products creating a strategic value. Customer expectations and market movements shape the user-oriented design approach adopted by our design studio. The foundation of this approach is the intention to create optimum working environment for HİDROMEK operators. The purpose of using the phenomenon "HİDROMEK Operator" is to position HİDROMEK operators at a more special level than the operators of other machinery and to make them feel more privileged while operating HİDROMEK machinery. 


In 04.04.2014, within the scope of the R&D Law No. 5746, HİDROMEK’s Technology and R&D Center gained the right to become our country’s 157th R&D center after having been inspected by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology. HİDROMEK R&D Center prioritizes collaborations with the universities and the industry. Within the scope of these collaborations, we do not only contribute to the science world but also make innovations in the industry of construction machinery. Performed studies cover many different fields of engineering and design such as strength, noise, vibration, hydraulic, mechanical, and industrial design. 

We also carry out TÜBİTAK–&TEYDEB-supported projects within our R&D Center. Manufacturability, improvement of manufacturing time by design, mould equipment designs, studies intending to enhance product quality and technology are all included in R&D activities. Creating its own unique designs, HİDROMEK owns many patents, utility models, and industrial design registrations. For HİDROMEK, R&D is the leading step to move the company further. Within this scope, all conducted studies intending to improve the known and to discover the unknown constitute the infrastructure and strategies of our R&D Center.   

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