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Being produced with developed hydraulic system design, HİDROMEK’s new H4 Series excavators offer an outstanding performance by working faster, more productively and more efficiently. H4 Series excavators produce more work with less fuel; hence, they are more profitable for their users than ever.
Brand Isuzu
Model AI-4HK1X
Number of cylinders 4
Bore x Stroke 115 x 125 mm
Displecement 5193 cc
Maximum Power 172 HP @ 2000 rpm
Maximum Torque 677 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Hydrualic System
Type Closed Center System
Pump Type Variable Displecement Piston
Main Pump Flow Rate 2 x 234 lt
Pilot Pump Flow Rate 20 lt/min
System Pressure
Attachment 330 kgf/cm²
Power Boost 360 kgf/cm²
Travel 360 kgf/cm²
Swing 240 kgf/cm²
Pilot 40 kgf/cm²
Type Axial Piston Hydromotor
Swing Speed 10.8 rpm
Driving Speeds
Maximum Traction Force 18.500 kgf
High Speed 5.8 km/h
Low Speed 3.8 km/h
Digging Performance
Vertical Reach 5.5 m
Maximum Digging Height 7.2 m
Boom Swing Angle 45°
Maximum Working Width 6.9 m
Attachment Swing Radius 3.35 m
Filling Capacities
Engine Oil 20.5 lt
Radiator 29.3 lt
Fuel Tank 354 lt
Hydrualic Tank 155 lt
Hydrualic System
290 lt
Swing Reduction 5 lt
Travel Reduction  2x5.4 lt 
Operating Weight
Standard Machine 23.850 kg


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