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Employment Process

HİDROMEK’s main target in employment process is to find the most suitable candidate for the position and for the HİDROMEK family.
For your job applications, you may apply to HİDROMEK for vacant positions through  or our LinkedIn page.
Also, candidates can send their CVs to:

HİDROMEKs Training Activities
Training and staff improvement are highly important subjects for HİDROMEK. Training for the staff is given by professionals working  either for HİDROMEK or for other organizations.

Training activities can be categorized into three main groups, short-term, medium-term and long-term training activities.
1-Short-Term Training: This training is about HİDROMEK as a company and its products, personal improvement tools and quality management systems. It is approximately one month.

2-Medium-Term Training: Staff who will work at R&D, Production and After Sales Services Departments as an Engineer, a Technical Teacher or a technician is trained for 2 to 6 months. During this training, staff gets wide range of information on design programs, production techniques, products, occupational health and safety and others. Medium-term training prepares the new employees for work and the working environment.

3-Long-Term Training: HİDROMEK has actively involved into OSEP project (School-Industry Education Programs) , an occupational education program realized in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, Ankara Chamber of Industry, Sincan I.Organized Industry Zone under the Chamber, to meet the demands of HİDROMEK for technicians since 2006. With the help of this project, workforce having the qualifications for industry with the required  skills of the jobs in detail and having practical knowledge is provided.
After OSEP Project, HİDROMEK and Hacettepe University ASO I.OSB Vocational School of Higher Education signed a protocol on training of technicians to have higher qualifications in 2013.

In 2014, HİDROMEK continued cooperation with Çankaya University in order to educate engineers specialized in design and production of construction machinery through internship programs and training held at HİDROMEK.
Again in 2014, HİDROMEK, as the first established and leading construction machinery designer and producer in Turkey, arranged Hidromek Operator Course with the approval of Ministry of National Education to meet the demands for operators in the Turkish market at its After Sales Services facility.

Social responsibility activities of HİDROMEK include voluntary education for instructors of vocational high schools, vocational schools of higher education and schools of technology. HİDROMEK believes instructors having knowledge of the latest applications are the key for well-educated generations.

Human Resources Policies
  • Providing a healthy and safe work environment on all our sites and facilities and minimizing occupational accidents through preventive precautions,
  • Recruiting the right and qualified person for the job considering our strategies and targets,
  • Providing such a work environment that our employees are able to increase their competence and qualifications,
  • Increasing our employees’ participation in the management to improve our quality,
  • Increasing our employees’ welfare,
  • Creating such an atmosphere that our employees have the sense of satisfaction and belonging.

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