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HMK MG 330
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HİDROMEK proudly introduces the HİDROMEK Motor Grader Models MG 330 of which durability and performance are well proven in wide range of markets. Built to handle almost any job-precision finishing, scarifying, bank-cutting, ditch working.The clean and powerful turbo-charged diesel engine has been adopted for the MG 330, ensuring reliable work under the toughest conditions.Dual independent braking system mean that the MG 330 Motor Graders can be brought to an immediate stop at any time, while the cab is designed with full attention to operators’ needs. 

MG 330 Offers Maximum Productivity and Durability

Moldboard (Blade) 
Equipped as optional with a tip cylinder, the blade has excellent rolling performance, which allows a variety of operations, ranging from leveling sand to mixing, dozing and digging everything or snow and ice removal. Cutting edges and endbits are available to maintain maximum service life.

Frame Structure (High Strength Main Frame)
The computer simulations and actual field tests were used to develop the MG 330’s high strength main frame. The design provides increased durability and long life. Frame structure’s durability is well accepted by global users.

Long life, well proven reliable Mitsubishi Engine fullfil the needs of the customer with its superior power and torque combination. It can operate at tough environmental conditions without frequent maintenance. 

Blade-Slip Clutch
The MG 330 feature an optional blade-slip clutch, an alternative clutch system to the conventional shear-pin mechanism. The MG 330’s clutch may slip when an abnormally strong external force is exerted on the blade to give full protection against destructive overloading. Please note that the blade rotating torque can be set for optimum performance, contributing to greater working efficiency. 

Model Mitsubishi 
Type 6M60-TLU3T
Number of cylinders
Displecement 7500 cc
Net Power 135 HP @ 2100 rpm
Maximum Torque 608 Nm 
Hydraulic System
Type Open Center System
Capacity 57 + 57 + 57 lt/min @ 2100 rpm
Relief Pressure 17.2 MPa
Front Axle
Oscillation 15° left or right (Total 30°)
Wheel Lean 20° left or right (Total 40°)
Ground Clearance 555 mm
Type 13.00-24-12 PR (G-2)
1th Gear 3.5 km/h
2nd Gear 6.0 km/h
3rd Gear 9.8 km/h
4th Gear 14.4 km/h
5th Gear 24,8 km/h
6th Gear 40.5 km/h
Minimum Turning Radius 6,7 m
Overall Lenght 8215 mm
Overall Width 2380 mm
Overall Height (without cab / with cab) 3455 mm 
Wheelbase 5785 mm
Ground Clearence 380 mm
Type Wear - resistant steel with box section reinforcement, hydraulic side-shift
Lenght x Height x Thickness 3710 mm x 610 mm x 19 mm
Maximum Blade Lift Above Ground 460 mm
Circle Turning Angle 360°
Maximum Bank Cutting Angle 90°
Cutting Angle 36° - 81°
Operating Weight
Standard Machine 13.400 kg

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