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HMK 600 MG
Your Trusted Partner!

HMK 600 MG motor grader has been produced for many applications ranging from levelling and digging to mitering, trenching, and snow ploughing. 

HMK 600 MG Motor Graders Offer Maximum Strength and Efficiency!


The HMK 600 MG features 8 forward and 8 reverse gears! The HMK 600 MG offers its users manoeuvrability capabilities both from the steering wheel and from the joystick. The speed of the machine may be changed with the FNR button on the joystick (140kW - 160kW) and the steering movement may also be controlled by tilting the joysticks to the left or right. The joysticks also allow the operator to control the blade. Driving comfort is enhanced with automatic gear selection and cruise control equipment. 


The HMK 600 MG's Mercedes engine, with a variable horsepower feature (187 - 214 HP) compliant with Stage IIIA (Tier III) exhaust emissions, is durable in challenging working environments. The variable horsepower feature targets higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption. The hydrostatic cooling fan, which can be operated at variable speeds depending on the engine temperature, is also automatically operated in the reverse direction to clean the cooling system and thus to increase the efficiency of operation.
Hydraulic System 

Hydraulic pressure may be adjusted easily thanks to closed-loop central electro-hydraulic valve, which is fed by a variable flow-rate piston pump, and thus proper power for attachments may be provided. The load-sensing feature provides hydraulic flow according to the task that the machine will be performing. This adjustable hydraulic flow reduces heat and power loss, thus the machine's performance is improved.

The newly designed hexagonal cab of the HMK 600 MG provides the operator with a wide viewing angle, while the 7 "TFT information display in the cab allows the operator to comfortably control the machine. The operator may monitor the data to be inspected from the screen while operating the machine. In addition, the operator may see the image of the rear-view camera from this screen, and may move the machine in a controlled manner while reversing. 

Frame Structure with High Strength 

The HMK 600 MG's strong frame was developed based on computer simulations and field tests. Thanks to its advanced design, the service life and durability of the machine have been improved.

Blade Platform and Attachments

The HMK 600 MG has excellent performance for a variety of tasks such as levelling, mixing, grading, digging, and ploughing of snow and ice in winter conditions. The standard blade length is 3.7 meters, and options of 4.01 and 4.31 meter blade lengths are available. Thanks to the "Clutch System", sudden and large impacts encountered by the blade are absorbed by the clutches and damage to the blade is prevented. Clutches on the circular swivel system protect the blade against overloads by sliding over each other in the event of high forces counter-acting against the blade. The HMK 600 MG also features 2 blade accumulators that improve the strength of the blade and thus provide ease of operation for the operator by absorbing the sudden vertical shocks to the blade.

Model Mercedes-Benz OM 936 LA
Type 935.915 / EU Stage V
Number of cylinders
Displecement 7700 cc
Net Power 214 HP - 242 HP (1460 - 180 kW) @2200 rpm (VHP)
Maximum Torque 1000 Nm @ (1200 - 1600 rpm)
Hydrualic System
Circuit Closed Center System
Pump Type Variable Displacement Piston
Capacity 192 L/min
Maximum Working Pressure 172 bar
Front Axle
Oscillation 15° left or right (Total 30°)
Wheel Lean 20° left or right (Total 40°)
Ground Clearance 595 mm
Type 14.00-24-16 PR (G-2)
1st Gear 4 km/h
2nd Gear 5.4 km/h
3rd Gear 8.2 km/h
4th Gear 11.2 km/h
5th Gear 16 km/h
6th Gear 21.6 km/h
7th Gear 32.9 km/h
8th Gear 45.2 km/h
Minimum Turning Radius 6,9 m
Overall Lenght 11106 mm (with front blade and rear ripper)
10188 mm (with front weight and rear ripper)
8944 mm (without any attacment)
Overall Width 2480 mm
Overall Height 3400 mm 
Whhelbase 6250 mm
Ground Clearence 380 mm
Type Wear resistant steel, with box section reinforcement with hydraulic side shift.
Length x Height x Thickness 3710 mm x 610 mm x 19 mm
Maximum Blade Lift Above Ground 525 mm
Circle Turning Angle 360°
Maximum Bank Cutting Angle 90°
Cutting Angle 39° - 85°
Operating Weight
Standard Machine 18.875kg
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