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HMK 210 W MH
HIDROMEK, which find solutions for different types of applications, satisfy the expectation of the clients on this segment with its speacial model HMK 210 WMH designed for recycle, industrial and material handling  facilities. H4 Series HMK 210 W MH introduces innovations such as improved performance, ease of control and versatility. It allows the operator to have perfect command ability and reliability and ensures low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and operator comfort. Along with other pieces of equipment, it is the leader in its class.

Brand Isuzu
Model AR-4HK1X
Number of cylinders 4
Bore x Stroke 115 x 125 mm
Displecement 5193 cc
Maximum Power 172 HP (128kW) @2000 rpm / SAE J1349 (Net)
Maximum Torque 670 Nm @1600 rpm (Net)
Hydrualic System

Pump Type 2 axial piston type pumps with double variable displacement and inclined plate
Main Pump Flow Rate 2 x 233 L/min
Pilot Pump Flow Rate 20 lt/min
System Pressure
Attachment 350 kgf/cm²
Power Boost 370 kgf/cm²
Travel 370 kgf/cm²
Swing 306 kgf/cm²
Pilot 40 kgf/cm²
Type Axial piston type integrated with shock absorber valves

Driving Speeds
Max. Drawbar Pull 11.120 kgf
High Speed 31 km/h
Low Speed 7.7 km/h
Digging Performance
Maximum Digging Depth 3.87 m
Reach Distance at Ground Level 10.81 m
Maximum Digging Height 12.65 m

Boom Dimension 6.6 m
Arm Dimension 4.6 m
Filling Capacities
Engine Oil 21 L

Fuel Tank 345 L
Hydrualic Tank 160 L
Hydrualic System
318 L

Operating Weight
Standard Machine 24.550 kg

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