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HMK 145 LC SR, with its sharp and dynamic lines, is an urban excavator reflecting the design style of HİDROMEK. It is designed to work with power and precision in urban areas and narrow spaces, aiming to avoid the risk of damage and improving safety in all fields and conditions. HMK 145 LC SR has a short turning radius with its two piece boom type and compact layout. Therefore, it can be preferred especially for construction, landscape, material laying and leveling work in narrow spaces. In addition, it can be used in various works with different attachment options.

HMK 145 LC SR, possessing compact exterior structure and strong chassis, is designed in order to get maximum performance. HMK 145 LC SR crawler excavator aims to make the operator feel as comfortable and relaxed as in an office. For this purpose, Opera Control System is used to facilitate the easy use of the machine. Big touch screen and 2 joystick consoles are positioned for the best ergonomics and provide easy and safe operation. Also, its ROPS featured cabin provides a safe space for the operator.  
Brand Isuzu
Model AJ-4JJ1X
Number of cylinders
Bore x Stroke 95.4 x 104.9 mm
Displecement 2999 cc
Maximum Power 105 HP @ 2000 rpm
Maximum Torque 375 Nm @ 1800 rpm
Hydrualic System
Type Double variable displacement axial piston pumps

Max. Flow 2 x 124 L/min
Pilot Pump Gear, 20 L/min
Relief Valves
Attachment 320 kgf/cm²
Power Boost 350 kgf/cm²
Travel 350 kgf/cm²
Swing 260 kgf/cm²
Pilot 40 kgf/cm²
Type Axial piston type integrated with shock absorber valves
Swing Speed 11.4 rpm

Travel Speed
High Speed 5.7 km/h
Low Speed 3.4 km/h
Working Dimensions
Standard Bucket Capacity 0.6 m³
Max. Digging Depth 5.38 m
Max. Digging Reach at Ground Level 8.38 m
Max. Digging Reach 8.53 m
Max. Digging Height 9.78 m
Digging Performence  
Bucket Digging Force (ISO) 10.000 kgf
Arm Breakout Force (ISO) 7.500 kgf
Boom Dimension 4.8 m
Arm Dimensions 2.0 m / *2.3 m /2.6 m / 2.9 m

Engine Oil 8 L
Radiator 25 L
Fuel Tank 240 L
Hydrualic Tank 165 L
Hydrualic System
210 L
Swing Reduction 3 L
Travel Reduction 2.1x2 L 
Operating Weight
Standard Machine 16.800 kg

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