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A machine that answers for every drop of fuel that you fill into your tank and provides the highest amount of work and excavation
Comfort and performance under the toughest conditions…
High efficiency for the operator even in the longest working hours


Excavation work on the toughest grounds, tons of sand, gravel, debris and long working hours…

Loading works, channel excavation or crushing works…

SUPRA Series backhoe loaders overcome every work that you encounter. They provide comfortable working environment and as easy use as possible in tough and long working hours for you.

With SUPRA Series, your machine stays on work longer and spends less time for maintenance and repair, thus you increase efficiency.

*Specifications and equipment may vary depending on packages.


• Opera Control System
• Air Suspension Seat
• Adjustable Steering Wheel
• Pool Type Mats
• Detachable Lids
• Cool-Box
• Advanced Heating and Cooling System (A/C)
• Roof Shelf
• Ergonomic and Aesthetic Crusher Pedal
• Monolithic Rear Window
• Hydraulic Boom Lock
• Cabin Construction with FOPS and ROPS Certificate

The SUPRA Series engine is one of the most economical and durable in its class. The turbocharged, 4.400 cm³ engine maintains high torque even at low rpms.

6-Forward 3-Reverse Fully-Automatic Transmission
6-forward 3-reverse fully automatic transmission used in the SUPRA Series allows smooth driving. 
The optional torque convertor lock (lock-up) provides fuel economy which is automatically engaged
in the 5th and 6th gear.

MSS (Motion Stabilizer System)
The optional MSS (Motion Stabilizer System) works as a shock absorber on the loader lift cylinders. By damping the shock that occurs when a full loader bucket is used on rough terrain, it provides a comfortable ride that is not only smooth but also fast as well.

Heavy-Duty Type Axles
Heavy-Duty Type Axles have been used in the SUPRA Series in scope of both load carriage and durability.


Load Sensitive Piston Type Hydraulic Pump / Flowshare
The optional piston type hydraulic pump provides load sensitive hydraulic power as much as the operator needs with precise control independently from the amount of the load and engine rpm. It works with efficiency up to 95%.

The optional FLOWSHARING valves provides excellent hydraulic control independently from the amount of the load and operator’s skills for various field works such as pipe lying and channel trenching.

It allows simultaneous boom, arm and bucket motions even in the low rpms and provides the opportunity of working in noise restricted areas such as hospital, school and city center.

Flow Charging Valves
As an optional equipment, flow charging valves with extra regeneration feature applied on the boom and arm lines provide more efficient hydraulic power and prevent cavitation.

LSD: Limited-Slip Differential and Differential Lock
The highest traction force is provided with LSD (limited slip differential) acting on front axle and  
differential lock on rear axle to prevent skidding on stone gravel, mud or icy surfaces. Thus, period of
tire replacement, work cycle and fuel efficiency have been improved.

Dual LCD Display

In conventional backhoe loader cabins, while the operator is controlling the machine in the loading and excavation position, he has to turn his head by 90° to the right and left side in order to check the gauges.

In SUPRA Series, operator may easily check gauges through LCD screen put on the front and rear area while he is sitting in the loading and excavation position. Thus, the operator may easily check the gauges without taking his eyes off the driving direction. This working position allows operator to work for longer periods without suffering from neck and back aches.


SUPRA Series for the toughest working conditions
One of the characteristics that makes the SUPRA Series different is the superior performance of front loader. Thanks to the bucket and arm breakout force of SUPRA Series, the machine drive the load without being stressed. Boom construction intended for heavy conditions has been designed for durability for long years. 6-in-1 loading bucket (1,1 m³ in B Series – 1,2 m³ in S Series) provides advanced level of loading performance. Thanks to the carefully designed bucket geometry, effective use of bucket capacity is obtained. Settling blade that has been fixed with bolted system may be used double-sided by easy exchange by the operator and without the need of service. Hinged joint on the cylinders of claw opening and closing prevents damages on the cylinders when lateral loads are exposed to during driving the loads. Thanks to the proportional control button on the front control lever, easy use is provided to the operator, claw speed and angle can easily be adjusted.

(Forward-Reverse Direction Control)
Forward-reverse direction control on front loader control lever TIPSHIFT 
allows operator to make quicker manoeuvre during
loading operation. It is provided so that the operator can make
these controls easily and concentrate on loading process better.

In conventional loading works and manoeuvrability in limited spaces, the operator apply both loader and forward-reverse commands from a single point without losing steering wheel handling by using the TIPSHIFT button.

It provides occupational safety and comfort that operator uses it without breaking the contact with steering wheel and loader controller.

All these fine details and innovations have been thought for you to make saving on time and operation costs.

Excavation, Removal or Crushing Works…
SUPRA Series excavator group provided and designed for tough 
geographical and heavy working conditions increases the
productivity with its solid construction and optional efficient
hydraulic system that provides maximum breakout force even in 
the low rpms and that has maximum 163 lt. /min oil flow.

Rear joysticks that are optional in SUPRA models allow for easy 
control in the works such as lifting and lowering that require 
precision for operators. Joystick consoles that may be adjusted 
independently from each other provide ergonomic working

Long hours of excavation works become pleasure with  SUPR
A Series that has wide visibility and ergonomic working 

SUPRA Series that has excellent weight distribution and wide 
stabilizers provides safer excavation opportunity in sloppy lands. 
Additional hydraulic line that is maintained as standard kit for
hydraulic braker and attachment use does not prevent visibility
during excavation and is not damaged in deep excavations.

Cushioning system in the excavation cylinder softens the 
movements at the ends of strokes, absorbs the impacts and 
prolongs the machine life.

Telescopic arm that has digging depth up to 5.80 m. provides an 
advantage in deep excavations and the works that require long

What can be more enjoyable than a work running without any problem?

Brand Perkins
Model 1104D-44TA
Number of cylinders
Bore & Stroke 105 x 127 mm
Displacement 4400 cc
Maximum Power 74.5 kW, 100 Hp @ 2200 rpm
Maximum Torque 410 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Hydraulic System 
Type Closed Center System
Pump Type Variable Displacement Piston Pump
Pump Flow Rate 163 lt
System Pressure 227 bar
Type Autoshift
Torque Convertor Lock (Lock-Up)  Available 
Number of Gear 6 forward - 3 reverse 
Stall Ratio 2.38:1
Driving Speeds
1st Gear 5.6 km/h
2nd Gear 8.9 km/h
3rd Gear 11.4 km/h
4rd Gear 18.1 km/h
5th Gear 24.1 km/h
6th Gear 40 km/h
Loader Performance
6-in-1 Bucket Capacity 1.1 m³
Bucket Width 2.44 m
Pin Height 3.46 m
Unloading Distance 1.06 m
Digging Depth 0.18 m
Bucket Breakout Force 7209 kgf
Arm Breakout Force  6515 kgf 
Lifting Capacity to Max. Height 3170 kgf
Digging Performance
Bucket Capacity 0.17 m³
Dig Depth (Retracted/Extended) 4.4 m / 5.6 m
Ground Level to Slew Centre (Retracted/Extended) 5.7 m / 6.8 m
Loading Height (Retracted/Extended) 3.8 m / 4.7 m
Working Height (Retracted/Extended) 5.7 m / 6.6 m
Bucket Rotating Angle 187°
Bucket Breakout Force (Retracted/Extended) 6364 kgf / 6364 kgf
Arm Breakout Force (Retracted/Extended) 2867 kgf / 2026 kgf
Filling Capacities
Engine Oil Pump 8 lt
Engine Cooling System 18.5 lt
Fuel Tank 140 lt 
Hydraulic Oil Tank 70
Operating Weight
Standard Machine 9500 kg
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