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HMK 140 W

Being produced with developed hydraulic system design, HİDROMEK’s new H4 Series excavators offer an outstanding performance by working faster, more productively and more efficiently. H4 Series excavators produce more work with less fuel; hence, they are more profitable for their users than ever

Reinforced heavy duty construction

With their reinforced heavy duty construction produced at HİDROMEK’s modern production facilities and going through sensitive quality-control processes, H4 Series excavators have excellent durability.

Shaped with technology

Electronic system of H4 Series excavators designed to protect the engine and hydraulic components to provide fuel saving and superior performance.

Automatic Stop System

In the new series, automatic stop system through configurable idling and stopping times provides fuel saving by stopping the engine after the machine is on idle.  Automatic stop system in H4 Series helps to decrease the operational costs to minimum, and contributes to saving the environment. 

Safe fuel transfer pump

 “Safe fuel transfer pump” added to H4 Series stops the pump automatically when the tank is full and this feature gets activated also when the pump does not transfer fuel for 30 seconds, and ensures that the pump stops automatically. 

8"  Touch Control Panel
 8 inch touch control panel is positioned ergonomically at a point that the operator can easily reach it. Touch control panel having high quality hardware and a large screen easily enables to control  the machine features and access to machine information.
Power Boost Technology
In H4 Series, power boost technology gets activated automatically in the conditions when the machine needs extra power, and ensures that the machine has the proper performance for the work

Brand Isuzu
Model AI-4JJ1X
Number of cylinders
Bore x Stroke 95.4 x 104.9 mm
Displecement 2999 cc
Maksimum Power 123 HP @ 2200 rpm
Maksimum Torque 420 Nm @ 1800 rpm
Hydrualic System
Type Closed Center System
Pompa Type Double Variable Displecement Piston
Main Pump Flow Rate 2 x 155 lt
Pilot Pump Flow Rate 20 lt/min
System Pressure
Attachment 330 kgf/cm²
Power Boost 360 kgf/cm²
Travel 360 kgf/cm²
Swing 260 kgf/cm²
Pilot 40 kgf/cm²
Type Axial Piston Motor
Swing Speed 13 rpm
Driving Speeds
Maximum Traction Force 7.715 kgf
High Speed 32 km/h
Low Speed 8 km/h
Digging Performance
Standard Bucket Capacity 0.6 m³
Digging Depth 5.04 m
Digging Reach 8.19 m
Dumping Clearance 6.25 m 
Digging Height 8.66 m
Bucket Digging Force (ISO) 10.900 kgf
Arm Crowd Force (ISO) 7.800 kgf
Bom Dimension 4.6 m
Arm Dimensions 2.0 m / *2.3 m / 2.6 m / 2.9 m
Bucket Dimensions 0.35 - 0.45 - 0.52 - 0.75 m³
Filling Capacities
Engine Oil 16 lt
Radiator 21 lt
Fuel Tank 270 lt
Hydrualic Tank 120 lt
Hydrualic System
235 lt
Swing Reduction 2.4 lt
Front - Rear Axles  14,5 - 17,4 lt 
Operating Weight
*Monoboom 15.900 kg
2 Piece Boom 16.250 kg

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