Wheeled Excavators
  • 140 W
    The new gen series 140 W introduces innovations such as improved performance, ease of control and versatility. It allows the operator to have perfect command ability and reliability and ensures very low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and operator comfort. Along with other pieces of equipment, it is the leader in its class.

  • Design awarded series

    Gen series is the reflection of conception of “Creating the Operator of Hidromek” concept on Hidromek excavator product line.Gen Series’s Cab, designed by considering the ease of use and giving users opportunity to be able to personalize their machines as well as their needs. Operators ca adjust the components and all usage function - joystic consoles, operator's seat and armrests aconvenently as their working circumstances.

  • Opera Control System

    Since the very fi rst phase of its design, the new generation GEN has been developed so that the user could control the machine with an extraordinary ease, in an environment of total comfort, feeling himself like in his own office. That is why, GEN - the new generation of excavators Hidromek, for fi rst time in its class, has been equipped with OPERA (Hidromek Operator Interface).

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  • Fuel economy

    You will be able to do more work and save on fuel consumption in every tank, with the electronically controlled Isuzu motor and different working modes for hydraulic pump field conditions.

  • More comfort

    Creates a more comfortable and enjoyable working environment for the long working hours inside the cabin, meets the exact needs of the operator, increases the efficiency of the operator, and allows the operator to focus on their job.

    The cab door is large enough to enable the operator to open it easily plenty of clearance. Opening windscreen is designed to give the operator a perfect angle of vision. It is possible to open the windscreen by sliding it towards the roof and windscreen. Rear window may be removed and kept under the operator seat. Other features enhancing operator’s comfort are the ergonomic seat and front console. The standard operator seat of the HMK 140 W can be adjusted in 9 different positions and is designed to enable operator to work without fatigue and comfortably with high performance for long hours. Besides, the joystick console and seat can move independently enabling operator to adjust the most suitable position for his body structure.

    The seat is equipped with seat belt for safety of the operator. The cab is supported by 6 silicon viscose mounts that dampen the effects of noise, shock and vibrations regardless of working conditions of the machine and the optional attachment on it. Also an air conditioner is included in the standard equipment.

  • Boom, arm and connections

    Gen series excavator booms and arms are manufactured for performance and long life. There are different arm and bucket configurations available for various applications.

  • Hidromek Smartlink

    The Smartlink GPS tracking system provides for the tracking of data, such as the use periods, geographical position, fuel consumption values, maintenance times, and error codes by the service and customer via internet. This system enables a more efficient machine and service management.

  • Effective customer support

    The after-sale services team is always by your side with its trained technician squad, which is able to quickly meet the needs of the customers through the widespread service points that are located throughout the country and through the mobile service vehicles used for customers abroad.

External Design

"Comfort, Ergonomics and easy use", the Gen series means maximum operator comfort along with high productivity and less operator tiredness during long working hours. The new cabin, which features the Opera operator interface, has a more effective command system than the previous one and is more ergonomic and comfortable.

Internal Design

"Durability, economy and quality.." Gen series excavators are designed for in particular on hardest construction and mining applications to ensure long life and maximum productivity.

Brand Isuzu
Model AI-4JJ1X
Number of cylinders 4
Bore x Stroke 95.4x104.9 mm
Displacement 2999 cc
Maximum Power 113 Hp @ 2200 Rpm
Maximum Torque 393 Nm @ 1800 Rpm
Hydraulic System
Type Closed center system
Pump Type Double variable displacement axial piston pumps
Pump Flow Rate
Main Pump 2 x 160 lt/min
Pilot Pump 20 lt/min
System Pressure
Attachment 330 bar
Power Boost 360 bar
Travel 360 bar
Swing 260 bar
Pilot 40 bar
Type Axial Piston Hydromotor
Swing Speed 13 Rpm
Driving Speeds
Maximum Traction Force 7.700 kgf
High Speed 32 km/h
Low Speed 8 km/h
Digger Performance
Standart Bucket Capacity 0.6 m3
Max. Digging Depth 5.04 m
Max. Digging Reach at Ground Level 7.96 m
Max. Digging Reach 8.19 m
Max. Digging Height 8.66 m
Bucket Digging Force (ISO) 10.600 kgf
Arm Crowd Force (ISO) 7.600 kgf
Boom Dimension 4.6 m
Arm Dimension 2.0m/*2.3 m/2.6m/2.9 m
Filling Capacities
Engine Oil 16 lt
Radiator 21 lt
Fuel Tank 270 lt
Hydraulic Tank 120 lt
Hydraulic System 250 lt
Swing Reduction 2.4 lt
Operating Weight
Monoboom 15.850kg
2 Piece Boom 16.200kg
* Standard